Issue-Oriented Christians

So, a funny thing has happened on the way to my attempting to write Guides to all the books in God’s Word. As I have been engaged in deep study and reflection on Scripture, I’ve come to realize that I may have been an issue-oriented Christian for far too long. In other words (and speaking only for myself), I naturally gravitate towards topics, themes, and issues that may very well be biblical, but I give them more weight than is necessary. I think doing so is quite dangerous, and I’d like to explain why.

Being an issue-oriented, vs. biblically-oriented, Christian will:
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America’s All-Star Title Search

As some of you know, I’m slowly making my way through the Minor Prophets. As I go along, I am publishing each Minor Prophet as an eBook. The first in the series is Esau’s Doom: A Guide to Obadiah. But when all 12 have been done, they will be published in paperback form under 1 title, spread across 3-4 volumes.

Here’s the deal: I’m having a hard time thinking of a good title for the paperback volumes. Something like **Insert Awesome Title Here**: A Guide to the Minor Prophets. Since I’m stumped on this one, I’m turning to you.

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Two Years

Two years ago, there was not a lot of things going right in my life. I was unemployed, and so was Sara. In my particular case, there were no promising possibilities. In fact, I was 70-80% certain that I would have to leave local ministry for a time. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family as I had been able to in the past. Like many others in similar situations, I thought God was punishing me for some sin. As you can imagine, all of this stress was beginning to take its toll on my marriage. Sara and I were fighting more often, and I blamed it at the time on our unemployment and uncertain future. But, as it turned out, there was another reason…

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Introduction to Bethlehem Road

Editor’s Note: I’m excited about the release of my next book, Bethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth, on Sept. 2nd. Today, I’m pleased to share the Introduction with you. I pray it is a blessing to you, and that you will consider ordering the book ( has it for only $8.99). – mcw

What do you do when your dreams are shattered?

In 1985, I was born to a preacher and his wife in Morton, Mississippi. From birth, I was Daddy’s boy. We often went on road trips together and threw the football in the backyard. Dad was a passionate gospel preacher, and he taught me everything I know about preaching and ministry. But more than a great father and a good preacher, Dad was my best friend. Every week of college, he and I shared a meal together and talked about life. We were headed for a lifetime of rich friendship that only a father and son can know.

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Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

I recently taught on the book of Hebrews, and was reminded again of why I so love the opening of chapter 12. The book of Hebrews encouraged its original audience to persevere through their trials by “looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God” (Heb 12:2).

In our suffering, grief, and pain, Jesus is indeed the one we should focus on. The last thing we need to focus on is the “why” of our suffering or the “who” of it. Jesus alone can help us overcome and conquer the worst that life and Satan can throw at us.

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God & Dirty Politics

The opening narrative of 1 Kings is one I never heard in Sunday school or VBS—or in any sermon, for that matter. It’s ripe with all the things we tend to keep away from children: sleazy back room politics, royal family intrigue, threats of murder and assassination, and a national beauty pageant (the winner of which gets to sleep in the old king’s bed).

The opening scene depicts King David in a pathetic state; his once vigorous, battle-tested body can longer keep him warm. Winters in Israel had the tendency of turning stone palaces into cold refrigerators. But it seems there was a second motive for finding a young virgin to keep David warm. In the thinking of the day, if a king was no longer sexually virile, he wasn’t fit to serve (we haven’t come that far; few are surprised when our government leaders are ensnared in sex scandals). When Adonijah learned that the young virgin Abishag had failed to arouse his father, he set about seizing the kingdom himself, thinking it was his right as the next in line.

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Why I Love Jeff Bezos’ “Evil Empire” has been in the news recently over its ongoing battle with Hachette Publishing, one of the “Big 5” publishers in the U.S. As I understand it, at issue is who will control pricing of Hachette’s eBooks—Hachette or Amazon. Amazon wants control over pricing presumably to make books more affordable to their customers, while Hachette’s PR machine is advocating a dooms-day scenario should Amazon be given complete control over the publishing universe.

Since I am a veteran of the book publishing industry for all of 19 months, I wanted to weigh in on my relationship with Amazon… as a customer, author, and now publisher.

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