Hi, I’m Michael Whitworth, owner, author, and janitor at Start2Finish Books. I want to tell you a little about the Books4Life Club, the best book-buying decision you’ll ever make. The doors to our club are only open for a few more days, but they’ll close at 11:59 pm on Friday, August 29th.

The Books4Life Club is an incredible way to super-charge your Bible study. Start2Finish Books publishes trusted, engaging guides to God’s Word. There are four AWESOME membership levels to choose from:

eGuides4Life is only $250, and it includes the eBook and audiobook of every Guide to God’s Word written by yours truly. You will receive not only future eGuides, but current eGuides as well, such as the award-winning The Epic of God: A Guide to Genesis. The Derision of Heaven: A Guide to Daniel, and the just-released Bethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth.

The eBooks4Life Club is only $300, and includes every eBook and audiobook published by Start2Finish Books. You’ll receive both future and current eBooks, including my Guides to God’s Word, and other Start2Finish Books such as Fit for the Pulpit and Thoughts from the Mound. You’ll also receive two more books that we are publishing this year just before Thanksgiving.

The Guides4Life plan at $400 is similar to our eGuides4Life, only you will receive ever Future Guide in paperback under this plan, plus the eBook and audiobook. Guides to God’s Word such How to Lose a Kingdom in 400 Years, The Pouting Preacher, Empire’s Last Day, Are We There Yet? And The Son’s Supremacy are already in the works.

Books4Life, at $500, is like the eBooks4Life plan, and it is by far the best value. You get every future paperback we will publish, and every eBook and audiobook. You will not only receive my Guides to God’s Word, but other books published by Start2Finish. Currently, we publish on average 3-5 books by other authors every year. Over the next 10 years, we hope to publish at least 25-40 books that engage God’s people in Bible study, deepen the reader’s faith in the Lord, and help make them more like Jesus.

If you pay for your membership in full up front, we’ll send you an awesome Start2Finish Books coffee much as a thank you. If you join the Guides4Life or Books4Life, we’ll ALSO send you a copy of all our current paperbacks.

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